Idil Tekeli is a New York City/Istanbul based actress. She went to Avni Akyol Fine Arts High School to study music for 4 years. Before she left for New York, she started taking method acting classes with the phenomenal acting coach and a member of The Actor’s Studio, Merve Taskan, and worked with her for almost a year. At the age of 19, she moved to New York to study acting at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and specifically worked with Steve Perlmutter on one of the most well-known acting techniques; Meisner. She also trained with Neal Lerner on audition and monologue techniques. She graduated May 2017 and started getting supporting and lead parts in various short films such as Hopelessly, Silent Life, and Janine, which have received numerous nominations. She made her Off-Broadway debut with a theater company TAP NYC at the Davenport Theatre and performed among other selected actors/cast. Her first interview was featured both on Backstage’s magazine and website, which is a very famous entertainment-industry brand in the USA.


İdil Tekeli, New York/İstanbul merkezli bir oyuncudur. Avni Akyol Güzel Sanatlar Lisesi'nde 4 yıl müzik eğitimi aldı. New York'a gitmeden önce, The Actor's Studio'nun üyesi olan oyunculuk koçu Merve Taşkan'dan Method Oyunculuğu dersleri aldı ve neredeyse bir yıl onunla birlikte çalıştı. 19 yaşında, New York’a gitti ve New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts'da oyunculuk eğitimi almaya başladı. Orada özellikle, en iyi bilinen oyunculuk tekniklerinden biri olan Meisner tekniğini Steve Perlmutter ile çalıştı. Ayrıca Neal Lerner ile seçmeler ve monolog teknikleri üzerinde de çalıştı. Mayıs 2017'de mezun oldu ve Hopelessly, Silent Life, and Jeanine gibi sayısız adaylıkları olan çeşitli kısa filmlerde baş rol ve yan rollerde oynadı. TAP NYC tiyatro şirketi ile ilk kez Davenport Tiyatrosu'nda Off-Broadway oyunda sahneye çıktı ve diğer seçilmiş oyuncular arasında performans gösterdi. İlk röportajı, ABD'de çok ünlü bir eğlence endüstri markası olan “Backstage” in hem dergisinde, hem de web sitesinde yayınlandı.

Idil's first interview about her part in "Jeanine" and auditioning in New York City is featured on Backstage Magazine.



 HOPELESSLY is a short film directed by Anthony Clemente which aims to celebrate people who go after what they want, even when they’re told not to.  

The film got selected for numerous festivals and won 2 awards at the Global Film Festival Awards.

Silent Life

Silent Life is a short Christmas Drama directed by Anthony Raus. The film has been nominated for a number of awards.





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